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Work Package 5: Development of Certification for the competences of the internship units


Recognition of the competences which the students will acquire abroad through completing the unit/units (see work package 3) and which have been assessed by the instruments of assessment (see work package 4) by certificates.
It is the aim to integrate these certificates into the national certification systems of each partner country as a part of the VET in the area of foreign trade as a completed part of the VET.
It might be possible to install the internship units not only as regular part of the VETs in the partner countries but (also) as certified further training in the area of foreign trade, which might bring benefits for the students on the working market. But this depends on the development and the decisions made in this work package.

Description of Activities

The preparation of developing a certificate will start at the 3. Meeting as a part on the discussions on the assessments. It will become one main issue of the 4. Meeting of experts and partners; the dealing with this issue will continue on the national stakeholders' meeting between 05/2011 and 05/2012. There the project will be presented with its aims and results and as well the possibilities of valid certifications for the national VET-systems will be discussed.
Definition of the requirements for the certificates from the partner countries and the trade associations
Agreement how to handle the certificate formally
Creation of certificates recognised in all partner countries with the aim to disseminate them into more countries
Clarification of the applicability of the Europass-Mobility to be used as an instrument of certification
Integration of the Advisory Board
Organisation of national meetings to present the project to persons responsible for vocational education and to the stakeholders in the field of foreign trade, to discuss the project aims concerning the certification and to start the national certification process to implement this certificate into the national VET-system.


Certifications for the units in the partner countries, at least certification by an own developed document for the unit(s) and by the Europass.


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Lifelong Learning Programme

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