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Work Package 3: Defining units for further mobility


Definition of one or more units to substantiate the chosen approach in European mobility on the 3. Meeting of partners and Experts.
"Unit" means the reasonable combination of one or more competences on defined competence development steps which are required in the apprenticeships in all partner countries.
This presumes evaluating whether the descriptions of competences in all partner countries are understood equally and whether the descriptions of competences will lead to comparable results in VET.
The units shall be developed to put consistent Europe-wide assessments based on the competence matrix on firm footings (see work package 5).
The question whether all students in the mobilities (see work package 6) will study in one unit in all partner countries, or whether there will be a choice of two or more units, is to be cleared during the work process in this package.
Discussion and recommendation on the integration of this unit into the ECVET-system and the grading accordingly is planned.

Description of Activities

Defining the units’ formal regulations (how long, in which partner countries, what time in the year) and the regulations concerning the content (which competences in which development step and which working activities in the companies should be carried out).

Furthermore, the units should be

The partners discuss the integration of this unit into the ECVET-system and the grading according to this system and make correspondent recommendations.


Units for the further mobility program including the description of the fields of work in the internships and competences (related to the competence areas), which may be gained during the internships


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