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Work Package 2: Mapping of Competence Profiles


Creation of country specific Competence-Profiles. This includes initial vocational training, further education and associated qualifications and certifications.
Each competence profile consists of a compilation of competences (out of the competence areas of the matrix) on specific competence development steps and can be depicted graphically on the competence matrix. Also for each competence profile (some partner country may have more than one VET-program on the field of foreign trade) there will be compiled a explanatory manual, which describes the specifications of the profile.

Description of Activities

Beginning with the development of the competence profiles on 2. Meeting the experts doing homework in collecting and analyzing the relevant information in the partner countries.
Allocation and classification of occupational profiles for initial vocational training, further education and associated qualifications and certifications of each partner country and transfer into the competence-matrix.
Compilation of overviews of the different apprenticeships, further training qualifications and certificates on the different levels in the field of foreign trade for each partner country.
Describing in manuals the specifications and requirements for each profile of apprenticeship, further training qualification and/or certificate on the field of foreign trade. The results will be presented at the 3. Meeting of partners and experts.


Competence profiles referring to the competence matrix of the field of foreign trade according to the apprenticeships and the occupational profiles in the partner countries, including certified measures of advanced training. Explanatory manuals for each VET profile of the partner countries.


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